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Crate and Barrel Reviews

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  • Bad Customer Service

    Wow, I am so disappointed with the customer service at this store. I went into the store to look at sofas and was told that I would get the New Movers 15% discount. I filled out paper work so that I could use that discount. Days later, I came back and decided to purchase a sofa with the intention of applying my 15% off. They lost my new movers number and I waited there for over an hour until they finally said don't worry about it since you are signing up for a Crate and Barrel card it will come off on your next statement. Well two weeks later I got my statement and was charged the... More...
    Teacher44's Picture   Teacher44    0 Comments   Comments
  • NJ warehouse

    I have been waiting since beginning of June for my order to arrive. I have called C&B around 4 times since then and get the same info, warehouse in NJ having trouble after a system upgrade has their heads spinning. My order may be a small $900 but really? I too have already been charged fully for something I may never receive. What the heck C&B? I expected more from what I thought was a quality store. I have never been so disappointed. The furniture I was looking to order after receiving my $900 order, not ordering that any longer. I suggest someone get off their chair and... More...
    Waiting4Ever's Picture   Waiting4Ever    0 Comments   Comments
  • Horrible customer service

    I bought a sofa and three small cubical tables from Crate and Barrel. The items arrived 3 weeks later than the expected date and after I called the customer service 3 times. The tables were damaged at arrival. Again, I called the company several times, and when I finally could talk to someone, they let me know that they could only replace the damaged items in two months because they don't have them available. Several people shared their similar experience on this website. I regret that I didn't take it serious. More...
    (Delivery Services)
    Akhgar's Picture   Akhgar    0 Comments   Comments
  • Crate and Barrel poor customer service

    Purchased Willow Sleeper Sofa from CandB online mid-April. Price tag: $2399 delivery fee. Delivery scheduled for June 9th. When the delivery truck arrived, I was informed that the couch had only three legs and could not be delivered. I had to contact CandB twice to inquire about next steps. It took six more days before CandB could locate a leg. In the interim, I requested a refund and was told by Emily (Customer Service) that CandB doesn't give refunds on furniture. When she told me it could take three to six weeks to manufacture another leg (in the event the original couldn't be... More...
    pattyo's Picture   pattyo    0 Comments   Comments
  • Furniture takes 3 months to arrive with no explanation

    I ordered $3,800 of furniture on 9/11/2014. Since then Crate & Barrel reps have canceled portions and re-ordered portions of this non-refundable (to me) order. Two chairs and two ottomans are stock items. As of 12/5/2014, I still haven't received them. Nice enough on the phone, but there's NOT ONE C&B rep that is capable of getting these items to me. C&B charged me the full amount within 10 minutes of placing the online order, but I can't get anything from them in the three months since then. Horrible horrible experience with online shopping with them.... More...
    reoff's Picture   reoff    0 Comments   Comments
  • Crate & Barrel custom furniture order

    We custom ordered a piece of furniture and in under 4 months the cushions are sagging (has never happened with any other piece of furniture) and the back panel is coming off. Called and emailed customer service numerous times and the reps are "shocked" that the the repair person hasn't telephoned us yet. Meanwhile it's almost 2 months later and not even a telephone call. I did receive a phone call from a crate and barrel customer service rep saying they had reached out to the repairperson and he had my complaint. What does knowing that he has it and doesn't... More...
    rcpp's Picture   rcpp    0 Comments   Comments
  • HORRIBLE customer service

    I was in the Yorkdale Shopping Centre store in Toronto. I had approached a sales associate to ask about a print that had been marked down on the website and whether she could check if the price had been lowered in store as well. This associate rudely dismissed me. When I approached a second associate for help, the first one followed me around the store and proclaimed "I already gave you an answer" and then laughed at me while I continued a conversation with this second associate all the while muttering under her breath "I already gave you an answer". The second... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    msganga's Picture   msganga    1 Comments   Comments
  • Crate and Barrel Charging for Merchandise they don't have

    I purchased a tesla room divider and after a backorder was finally called that they were going to schedule delivery for a specific day and charge my card. The freight company would call me with a 2 hour window. After receiving a call that the 2 hour window, I realized it would not work that day. I called to re-schedule the delivery for 2 business days later. However, I then received a call days after scheduling this, to be told that it is no longer in stock and wouldn't be available for another month at least. When I called to complain the customer service rep told me I lost it when... More...
    jcp1216's Picture   jcp1216    0 Comments   Comments
  • Crate and Barrel online is the worst

    Crate and Barrel online is the worst. I had 3 sofas delivered and 2 sets of seat cushions for the sofa. The first time the sofa was delivered it was defective, 2nd time- it was full of wrinkled fabric and need ironing, and the third time- the seat cushions were near flat. The seat cushions were delivered: 1st time with a large hole through it; 2nd time- dirty with yellow stains. Each time customer service told that the items were inspected before they were delivered. Maybe the employees are trying to sabotage the company. More...
    LBnothappy's Picture   LBnothappy    0 Comments   Comments
  • Crate and Barrel Furniture

    Bought Axis furniture several years ago and my family has enjoyed them throughly. However, because they are so well loved, it's time to get the insides redone, which we believe is all they need to make them look like new again! After many (more than 10) emails and phone calls Crate & Barrel refuses to help me. Because the couches were given as a gift (so I don't have an original order number) they say they will not services the couches. I"m not asking them to do it for free...i'd even pay for it. But they won't help! When you spend thousands on furniture... More...
    hokiehmv's Picture   hokiehmv    2 Comments   Comments
  • Crate and Barrel product and customer service

    I bought 2 chairs online and had them shipped. The chair was not only terribly uncomfortable but not at all the color depicted online. They told me I could send it back but I had to pay S&H both ways. My nearest store is 84 miles away. Any other decent store would take the chair back and pay for S&H and fix the photo on the web. Not C&B. They say on the website that they guarantee customer satisfaction but it is a lie. Then when I tried to put a negative product review on their website, they refused to post it for various reasons. More...
    fotophreek's Picture   fotophreek    0 Comments   Comments
  • Buyer beware

    I recently purchased some floor models on sale. A console table and leather chair and ottoman from the Bridgewater Nj store, then a few days later I saw the same chair and a matching sofa at the Short Hills NJ store. The first store gave me a shipping date of Jan 2 and the second store said they couldn't deliver on that day because it was to soon and Jan 5 was more reasonable. First CB changed delivery date to Jan 5 so I left a message at second store and awaited delivery of my entire order. Table, chair and ottoman delivered from first store and no sofa and chair from second store.... More...
    (Delivery Services)
  • Bad delivery set-up

    Yesterday I received a call from C&B to set up the delivey of my ordered furniture. The first date they have available is January 9th. Yesterday was Dec. 9th. I am outraged that they can not deliver my furniture for one month. I was told that I would receive the furniture in about 8 weeks. The papaerwork says8-10 weeks. That would bring me to Dec. 28th. I clearly wanted the furniture for the holydas. I moved into my house and have only 2 chairs. It clearly would be nice to have a couch and dining table with chairs for the holydays. They should have informed me about their delivery set... More...
    dati's Picture   dati    0 Comments   Comments
  • Crate and Barrel Issues - Run, Don't walk

    Ordered $8000 in furniture, two months later there was an issue with one of the chairs. Called Customer Support and then proceeded to wait for TWO MONTHS to have some come out and look at the furniture. After calling multiple times (10 ) and promised call backs with no call, I returned everything. You get better customer support at a gas station. Run, don't walk from Crate and Barrel. Apparently, Room & Board is one of their largest competitor, which is who will get my money. Thanks for nothing Crate and Barrel! More...
    Carrera's Picture   Carrera    0 Comments   Comments
  • Worst product with overcharged price!

    This is my review on Architect White Lamp from Crate & Barrel. They simply rejected my review on their website. What a shame! This product looks ok but actual shape is same as normal $10.00 desk lamp which you can purchase at Art supply store. I took it out from the box and try to hang on desk edge and hold crib was break. I really disappointed this product and I fixed it using glue. Finally I hang this lamp on my desk. After 1 week, On and Off switch was not working. Whenever I turn a top of switch it make noise, some kind of clicking sound and it's not working. I really... More...
    azureblaze's Picture   azureblaze    0 Comments   Comments
  • Prices

    I sit waiting, some six weeks after I paid nearly $2000 for a set of garden furniture (table, chairs, umbrella etc - you get the picture) and still not a single stick of furniture has arrived. This despite being assured first by a store manager, then by the online sales support rep then the delivery scheduling rep that, whilst the umbrella was on backorder the table and chairs would be delivered within two weeks. Had I been told the truth I would by now be sitting on a brand enw set of furniture from West Elm (how I wish I had bought from West Elm). Just got off the phone with Nicole... More...
    afulto2000's Picture   afulto2000    0 Comments   Comments
  • Dissapointing customer service

    I ordered the desk and the book cases. I've been waiting for them to be delivered for two weeks. Guess what. I didn't expect them to be delivered to 6 different packages with two different delivery services. I tried really hard to rearrange the delivery schedules but I heard that they don't indicate the schedule or I have to pick them up by myself. After hours of phone calls, the only solution was that I have to rent a truck to pick the packages since they can't fit my car. The worst part was that FEDEX office that could hold the packages was located so far away from my... More...
    fairplay1's Picture   fairplay1    3 Comments   Comments
  • Wedding Present Disaster

    We ordered an expensive stand mixer as a wedding gift, it was delivered but unfortunately not to whom it was supposed to be!! We have been working with Crate and Barrel since last Dec. and still it has not been resolved. They keep saying it is being worked on with one excuse after the other. Now it is to late to file a complaint with the credit card company. Has anyone had any success getting Crate and Barrel to resolve their delivery disputes? ? More...
    (Delivery Services)
    SmplyPatty's Picture   SmplyPatty    2 Comments   Comments
  • Website

    I saw the nice curtain rods on sales on the website and placed two orders for two products. Today (a week and two days after I placed my order), they sent me an email stating that both of my orders were cancelled because they do not have them in stock. My credit card was not charged, but I feel vrey disappointed. I went to the store yesterday and they have both of them on the shelf,nbut they don't have it for me. I am not sure if the sales is a scam. They should just have the sold out status on the website and take the items off the shelves. More...
    khunsandy's Picture   khunsandy    1 Comments   Comments
  • Purchase

    I ordered a desk online. It was on back order so it would be delivered a couple months later. They delivered it several weeks after they took payment. They scheduled a delivery time and arrived several hours early, then ran out the door. I opened the box and immediately saw that the desk was cracked in several places. I called the delivery guys, no answer. I called C&B and they would not ask the delivery guys, who had just left, to come back and pick it up. They would not accommodate my schedule at all to come pick it up and said a new delivery was many weeks away. They said... More...
    (Online Shopping - Sponsored by AMAZON.COM)
    keasme's Picture   keasme    0 Comments   Comments
  • Pathetic

    I recently moved into a new home. Other companies had sent me a coupon for moving for 10% off. When I inquired at Crate and Barrel-a manager at the store in Dallas on Knox St. asked for the "title" from the house I recently purchased. When I told her I was renting she told me, "We don't offer the 10% to renters." She was curt and quickly left the floor. Here I was going to spend over $4000 and she wouldn't give me the 10%. I call that bad service. When I called corporate they were even more pathetic. It appears in this economy Crate and Barrel is above... More...
    (Interior Design, Home Repairs - Sponsored by SEARS)
    darcis's Picture   darcis    4 Comments   Comments
  • Crate and Barrel customer service

    I placed an order online several weeks ago, and unfortunately there was an error regarding the address that I hadn't noted till the order had been submitted. There was no way for me to check this order or edit it myself, so I have sent several emails requesting that the error be addressed (i will call later this week). I received the order number shortly after, but that is the last I have heard about it. Nothing about processing or shipping and absolutely nothing back from customer service (aside from automatic responses). I am really pissed off at this level of unprofessionalism.... More...
    (Interior Design, Home Repairs - Sponsored by SEARS)
    savnar's Picture   savnar    4 Comments   Comments
  • Patio table failed

    I purchased an expensive patio table, chairs, cushions and umbrella. The table was defective and failed. I called the Crate and Barrel store that sold me the table in Paramus, NJ and got no satisfaction, just inane remarks that I did not take the patio table into the house when it rained or when it got cold. After calling the Crate and Barrel store in Paramus repeatedly I finally got an incompetent and plainly unresponsive person that could or would do anything to stand behind the product. I am appealing with their corporate office and the store manager. After being a loyal... More...
    (Interior Design, Home Repairs - Sponsored by SEARS)
    SolBriks's Picture   SolBriks    4 Comments   Comments


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